• Introduction to Ifa-Orisa

    by Obara Meji 0 Lessons in

    Information on this course will be added soon.

  • Metaphysics - Raising Vibrations and Finding Spiritual Gifts

    by Obara Meji 0 Lessons in $220.00

    This course will be a five weeks course on Metaphysics. Students will learn about frequencies and vibrations and how to access our spiritual gifts which we all have. Every human being born on the face of this Earth came into being with more than 10 spiritual gifts which has been programmed within our inner psyche.

  • Obeah Course - Symptoms and Defense

    by Obara Meji 0 Lessons in

    In this follow up course, students will now journey with the person affected by obeah. We will study the signs and symptoms, the warnings, and defense against the malevolent side of obeah. It is imperative to understand that this practice, despite the negative connotations attached to it, indeed has two roads: benevolent and malevolent.

  • African Spirituality

    by Oladayo 0 Lessons in $275.00

    The term “African Spirituality” is extremely broad, as you may have noticed, but this course will touch upon the many mysteries of this phenomena or what many West African natives would call it: Juju.

  • Dream Course

    by Oladayo 0 Lessons in $275.00

    In this course, students will learn about dreams, which are a phenomenon to this day where many people, scholars and spiritualists even, are still astounded as to where the mind goes when it is deeply relaxed and the spirit travels through time and space, bringing back often times what we call dreams, but are really prophecies.

  • Intro: Obeah - The Craft

    by Obara Meji 4 Lessons in $280.00

    In this course, students will be taught many things about the phenomena of obeah, including what it actually is, how it is practiced, the effects it has upon all involved, how it works, why it works, and more.

Course duration at OMOU often vary, with most classes going over the duration stated.

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