A Deeper Understanding of Tying and Binding – An Epidemic in Every Culture

Since I wrote the post the Symptoms of Tying, I have received tons of emails of people who are affected by it, (read here for one of my own personal stories, this one is of my father). For people who can read patois, (it is in patois straight through) read this one, it is also very personal to me, as a matter of fact this was the second post I ever wrote on my blog. Through out my postings here on Embracing Spirituality, I have sprinkled this act of Obeah into many of my posts. It is prevalent in ALL cultures and within all societies, and it does not even have to be lovers that do it to each other. A parent can bind a child unto him or her for control, friends in platonic relations can do this for their own reasons, making the person a slave to them and forcing loyalty. It is that serious because it does exist. People do it quite often and in a certain culture (do not ask me which one, I will not reveal it) mothers train their daughters to find good suitors and instruct them on what to do or what to take from them so that this person can be bound to them forever. Trick worse than obeah is a post which I can actually say now, that I was tricked and tied up by the man’s parents. I was innocent to the fact, but because I am no ordinary human being, my non-physicals set me free. There was once a church I attended that the mother, you can find her here, (I have really written a lot of posts, imagine that? and I can not type, oonuh clap mi!) tied up all her attendees. I think I wrote that story here, but I cannot remember the title of the post. They cleaned her house, washed her clothes, did all her bidding. I exposed her unintentionally by me, but intentionally through spirit, and there began one of the greatest spiritual fights of my life, read it a part of it here.

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